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Book review – July

BookLife will soon be publishing a new series of books focussing on different feelings.  Each book looks at one feeling and associates it with a colour.  The books are designed for individual children to use to help them when they are experiencing an emotion.  Each book is filled with practical ideas to help deal with the feeling effectively.

A key theme in each book is supporting children to ask for help.  A range of ideas are given and support is also included for adults to help the child.  In addition, links and ideas are given to get support online, these will help children to safely navigate their way to help.

These books would be ideal to recommend to parents and carers if their child is struggling with dealing with emotions.  They would also work well in nurture type provision. Aspects of the book could also be used as part of PSHE education lessons to prepare children for dealing with feelings which they may not be experiencing currently but could do at some point in the future.

The 4 emotions covered in the series are

Being sad (blue book)

Being nervous or worried (purple book)

Being angry  (red book)

Being excited (yellow book)

You can purchase the books via the BookLife website