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Book review – Pride month

June is Pride month an opportunity to celebrate LGBTQIA+ communities around the world. There are times when schools can find this a difficult topic to address and books provide a great way to begin the discussion. Below is my review of the Pride In series which has just been published by Booklife. I was not paid for this review I was sent an preview copy of the series. At the end of the review you will find a code to get 25% off the series.

If you are interested in finding other suitable books Stonewall have both Primary and Secondary booklists.

The ‘Pride in’ series of books from Book Life explores sex, sexuality and gender.  There are 4 books in the series each focussing on significant individuals from different fields. At the beginning of each book the term Pride is clearly explained.  There is also a comprehensive introduction to LGBTQIA+ terminology.  These child friendly definitions will help to address misconceptions and many adults will find these useful too.

Each book gives an outline biography of a wide range of individuals.  The themes include Sports, STEM, The Arts and Change (which considers significant activists).  While there is information on the LGBTQIA+ aspect for each individual the main focus is on their achievements and this will help children see past the label’s society gives to people. 

These books will help children develop their understanding of a range of protected characteristics of the Equality Act (including race and disability). By reading about real people’s experiences they will begin to develop respect and tolerance for people who are different to them. For those children who are questioning their sexuality and gender identity the books provide valuable information which may help them feel less isolated.

These books would be suitable from upper Key Stage 2 and would be ideal to use to support equality and diversity topics.  Children will benefit from having someone in school they can talk to if they have any questions arising from the books. The format and text would also be appropriate for secondary students and for this age group the books could be freely available in the school library.

Overall, these books are very well researched and presented.  They will be useful to schools in addressing an area which they often find challenging.

The books can be purchased on the Booklife website and if you use the code SHOWPRIDE25 you will receive a 25% discount.