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The power of networking

In this blog I am considering the power of networking. Since setting up my own business I have become aware of the vast number of networks and support groups there are for small businesses.  It has been great to attend some of these and talk to others in a similar position to me.

Attending these made me think about the situation in education, I have been around long enough to remember the time when it was unusual for colleagues in the same school to share ideas.  Thankfully, those days have gone, and education professionals realise the potential and benefit of sharing ideas and supporting each other.

It was fantastic this week to be asked to co-deliver a PSHE education network for the Staffordshire University Academy Trust.  The trust ran networks last year for core subjects and everyone found them really valuable, this year they are widening this out and have included PSHE education.  Around 13 schools attended, and the atmosphere was very positive.  The fact they have a bond through the trust helps, but it was their shared commitment to PSHE education which came through.  They are all at different stages of their journey but felt comfortable to share both their successes and challenges. One of the schools co-hosted with me and it was fabulous to hear about their whole school approach to PSHE education proving it can work if everyone is on board.

Next week I am running the first of my termly network sessions where PSHE education leaders from a range of schools will come together.  Whilst I will be leading these sessions and sharing my expertise, there will also be plenty of opportunities for colleagues to share their ideas and experience and learn from each other. There is no doubt that the phrase “two heads are better than one” is true and the more people we can have working together the better it is for everyone.If you would like to come along to my network, it isn’t too late to book a place.  I am also running a session in the south of Staffordshire.  The dates and venues can be found here

If you would like me to facilitate a network for an established cluster of schools I am more than happy to, just drop me an email to discuss your requirements